About Us

Yeeyee’s Vermont Specialty Products is a family run business started in 2007 by Debbie Miller. With 6 grandchildren (Will, JD, Olivia, Lucian, Jacob and Judah), all calling her “Grammy”, except granddaughter Olivia, who called her “Yeeyee” – the name of the company was born. Using 20 years of canning experience enjoyed by family and friends, Debbie has taken old “family” recipies and expanded them into a wide variety of both familiar and unique products now available to everyone. Chris and Laura, Susan and Brian, Lisa and Eli, and YeeYees husband David (known to his grandchildren as Pip) all contribute to this family business. Yeeyee’s supports and contracts with local Vermont farmer’s to supply her with only the freshest and most delicious produce and fruit that can be found. Yee Yee sells her products at local Farmer’s Markets, Craft shows and Festivals throughout New England and online.